CLLD first appeared in EU speak in the common provisions regulation.

It builds on LEADER type approaches that have also been pursued in the Fisheries programmes since 2007 and supported under the FARNET programme.

Within the Structural Funds, the Community economic development approach was rolled out in UK Objective 1 and 2 programmes between 1994 and 2006 and made use of integrated ERDF and ESF measures

The Common Provisions are as follows http:// (external link)
Community-led local development

5.1.5 Member States will have the possibility to use common processes for preparation, negotiation, management and implementation, and will be encouraged to do so in
particular where the need for improved coordination of human capital and infrastructure investments is greatest.

The CSF Funds need to address multiple development needs at sub-regional and local level. To facilitate the implementation of multi-dimensional and cross-sectoral interventions, the Commission proposes to strengthen community-led initiatives,
facilitate the implementation of integrated local development strategies and formation of
local action groups, based on the experience of the LEADER approach.

Territorial cohesion has been added to the goals of economic and social cohesion by the Treaty, and it is necessary to address the role of cities, functional geographies and sub-regional areas facing specific geographical or demographic
problems. To this end, to better mobilise potential at a local level, it is necessary to strengthen and facilitate community-led local development by laying down common rules and close coordination for all CSF Funds. Responsibility for the
implementation of local development strategies should be given to local action groups representing the interests of the community, as an essential principle.

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