Notable practice in regeneration
Six case study examples of 'holistic' regeneration from the United Kingdom and Europe.
For each of the six case studies, reports on the priorities of the programme, partnership working, management arrangements, outputs and outcomes, and the projects completed or underway.

  • Bradford Trident New Deal for Communities;
  • Castle Vale renewal (Birmingham);
  • Manor and Castle regeneration (Sheffield);
  • Berlin's Socially Integrative City Programme;
  • Strategic Planning and Revitalisation in Bilbao, Spain;
  • Denmark's Kvarterloft regeneration process.

Background information
CAG was commissioned by the Audit Commission in Wales (ACiW) to provide case study examples of notable practice in regeneration to inform a national report.They were asked to place emphasis on examples which provide solutions as well asset out problems in regeneration.

Examples were sought of projects that had received some peer review or evaluation, to reinforce that they constituted ‘notable’ examples. The examples were chosen in conjunction with the client (ACiW) from a short list of suitable projects for inclusion which was in turn developed from a much larger sample of case study examples that were reviewed by the researchers. Most were rejected as they were not "holistic" but instead dealt with just one or two aspects of regeneration.

Each case study identifies conditions for success and transferable policy lessons. Some of those identified for more than one project include:

  • a proper understanding of baseline conditions so that projects are developed on a basis of good information and knowledge;
  • a partnership basis for the regeneration effort, communicating effectively and realistically with residents;
  • effective management structures avoiding over-centralisation of management arrangements;
  • a balanced approach, linking different elements of the regeneration effort and avoiding a silo mentality;
  • ensuring the sustainability of the project.

Contact info Welsh audit office

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