Created in the 1980s to help tackle unemployment, the LEED (Local Economic and Employment Development) is operated separately from OECD's main activities funded by the Member States of OECD. LEED has regions and cities as its main members and operates at the sub national level.

OECD LEED has identified themes, such as entrepreneurship, innovation and partnership, which have then become mainstream. Its mission is to contribute to the creation of more and better jobs through effective policy implementation, innovative practices, stronger capacities and integrated strategies at the local level. Since its establishment, LEED has advised governments and communities on how to respond to economic change and tackle complex problems in a fast‐changing world. It draws on a comparative analysis of experience from some 50 countries in the Americas, Asia, Australasia and Europe in fostering economic growth, employment and inclusion. http://www.oecd.org/department/0,3355,en_2649_34417_1_1_1_1_1,00.html(external link) (cache)


Unfortunately OECD LEED publications are still not freely available in pdf format (despite their cash coming from out taxes). You can however get a preview version by going via their website to the book links below.

PDF –  3.55Mb(external link)Breaking Out of Policy Silos(external link) (cache)
Francesca Froy, Sylvain GiguèrePolicy silos and fragmented short-term policy interventions have become luxuries that our economies can no longer afford. This book provides concrete advice to policy makers at both national and local levels on how to better align policies, reduce...
PDF –  5.67Mb(external link)Organising Local Economic Development(external link) (cache)
Greg Clark, Joe Huxley, Debra MountfordThis book identifies how development agencies and companies work, what they do and how they can collaborate and what constitutes success and value added in their efforts to achieve local economic development.
PDF –  2.33Mb(external link)Community Capacity Building(external link) (cache)
This book presents and analyses interesting recent developments in the field of community capacity building, in a variety of OECD and non-OECD countries. The focus is on how CCB has effected change in three major areas: social policy, local economic...
PDF –  1.89Mb(external link)Clusters, Innovation and Entrepreneurship(external link) (cache)
OECDExplores the success of major innovation and entrepreneurship clusters in OECD countries, the challenges they now face in sustaining their positions and the lessons for other places seeking to build successful clusters.
PDF –  1.86Mb(external link)The Changing Boundaries of Social Enterprises(external link) (cache)
This book contains recommendations for national and local policy makers and presents a set of international best practices for social enterprises.
PDF –  2.58Mb(external link)Entrepreneurship and Higher Education(external link) (cache)
This book examines the role that higher education institutions are currently playing through teaching entrepreneurship and transferring knowledge and innovation to enterprises and discusses how they should develop this role in the future.
PDF –  2.49Mb(external link)Making Local Strategies Work(external link) (cache)
This book aims to support the design and delivery of more effective local and regional economic development strategies. A crucial part of this process is the collection and use of evidence, on local needs and options and on what works and what does ...
PDF –  3.15Mb(external link)Local Development Benefits from Staging Global Events(external link) (cache)
OECDThe competition to stage major global events – such as OIympic Games, EXPOs, cultural festivals, and political summits – is more intense than ever before. Despite advances in virtual communication, large-scale gatherings of this kind have again ...
PDF –  4.18Mb(external link)More Than Just Jobs(external link) (cache)
This report provides valuable insights into how labour policies can be expanded to meet economic development and social cohesion goals, while also reconciling national and local concerns.
PDF –  4.62Mb(external link)Local Innovations for Growth in Central and Eastern Europe(external link) (cache)
Demonstrates that the success of local development strategies depends on the capacity of the government and its partners to accelerate change within the policy and governance aspects of economic and social development.
PDF –  2.62Mb(external link)The Social Economy(external link) (cache)
This publication offers new insights into the economic theory of social economy organisations, their role in an evolving political and economic context, and the links to local development and the empowerment of users.
PDF –  1.67Mb(external link)Investment Strategies and Financial Tools for Local Development(external link) (cache)
Provides a comprehensive overview of financial instruments and investment strategies being implemented throughout OECD Member and non-Member countries for local development.
PDF –  4.77Mb(external link)Baltic Partnerships(external link) (cache)
OECDThe Baltic Sea Region is rapidly becoming one of the world’s more competitive regions. The region is capitalising on its strengths and making the most of its diversity to stimulate innovation, build a strong pool of skilled labour and foster ...
PDF –  3.17Mb(external link)From Immigration to Integration(external link) (cache)
OECDThis publication highlights principles and factors which are important in supporting integration locally. It includes a comparison of local initiatives implemented in five OECD countries.
PDF –  4.11Mb(external link)Skills Upgrading(external link) (cache)
OECDThis book brings the reader information on innovative initiatives that have succeeded in bringing new skills to people formerly trapped in low-wage jobs in various OECD countries.
PDF –  3.27Mb(external link)Local Governance and the Drivers of Growth(external link) (cache)
OECDInnovation, skills, entrepreneurship and social cohesion are key drivers of growth. Each has a strong governance component, which is analysed in this OECD book.
PDF –  2.71Mb(external link)Business Clusters(external link) (cache)
OECDThis book looks at the importance and potential of cluster initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe. Existing clusters are mapped, recent policy advances are described and conclusions are drawn on the potential of business clusters to foster...
PDF –  1.80Mb(external link)Culture and Local Development(external link) (cache)
OECDThis publication highlights the impact of culture on local economies and the methodological issues related to its identification.
PDF –  2.39Mb(external link)Entrepreneurship(external link) (cache)
OECDEntrepreneurship and urban regeneration policy have traditionally been treated as separate fields. This volume is one of the first to focus explicitly on the links between the two, examining how policy can help regenerate inner cities and other areas...
PDF –  4.45Mb(external link)Evaluating Local Economic and Employment Development(external link) (cache)
OECDThis book examines best practices in evaluating programmes for local and regional economic and employment development.
PDF –  3.54Mb(external link)New Forms of Governance for Economic Development(external link) (cache)
OECDThis book examines how the new forms of governance overcome administrative, political and financial obstacles and impact local prosperity and the quality of life.
PDF –  1.82Mb(external link)Global Knowledge Flows and Economic Development(external link) (cache)
OECDGlobal knowledge flows are becoming a key driver of economic development. This book examines how countries can develop policies to reap the benefits that they bring.
PDF –  3.81Mb(external link)Managing Decentralisation(external link) (cache)
OECDTo ensure that people's needs are met, governments decentralise the way policies are designed and implemented. This conference proceedings presents the points of view from a variety of countries in the area of labour market policy.
PDF –  1.52Mb(external link)Private Finance and Economic Development(external link) (cache)
OECDThis study draws on practical examples from North America and Europe to show how municipal and regional authorities can capitalise on private financing for economic development purposes.
PDF –  1.97Mb(external link)The Non-profit Sector in a Changing Economy(external link) (cache)
OECDThis publication offers a comprehensive and ground-breaking assessment of the new trends in the field of non-profit sector studies.
PDF –  2.20Mb(external link)Entrepreneurship and Local Economic Development(external link) (cache)
OECDThis book examines the principal routes through which enterprise creation can have a positive impact on local economies.


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