Achieving social inclusion in Community-Led Local Development in the context of results-oriented policies

LDnet Workshop at the European Week of Regions and Cities - 2016

This workshop will focus on the double challenge that a results-oriented approach presents when it is combined with the pursuit of social inclusion, especially in the context of Community-Led Local Development (CLLD).

The new orientation on results of the ESI Funds can help to focus EU funding on activities that contribute to the objectives of EU 2020, but in some situations it can have the effect of narrowing down the intervention or imposing additional bureaucratic barriers on local actors. This can happen especially in the context of CLLD, where the main added value of reaching the hard-to-reach groups and getting them involved is not easy to capture, and there may be a temptation to focus on easier target groups in order to obtain the expected "measurable results", e.g. in terms of jobs created. With the rise of populations at risk, including migrants and refugees, local development actors may also have to introduce flexible systems of adjusting their strategies to the changing situation.

The workshop will present and debate the first experiences in local development in the new context and ways to address social inclusion while maintaining the mandatory results orientation. The speakers will be local development actors from parts of Europe that have been facing a particularly strong combination of “growth” and “inclusion” challenges (Greece, Ireland, Portugal) and from countries with a long track record in integrating inclusion in the local development process (Sweden, Finland).

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