Citizen participation and community-led local development

LDnet workshop at Open Days 2013 (Ref: 09C19)

This workshop will present practical experiences in tackling issues and finding solutions in urban areas with a jobs and enterprise, environmental and community services dimension. It will focus on citizen engagement in local development to help address the serious challenges now facing cities in the prolonged economic crisis. It will also show how local development can make a positive contribution with reference to the macro-level objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy.

Highly experienced speakers will present practical examples from Spain, Ireland, Italy and the UK. The workshop will aim to provide a coherent picture as to how CLLD is directly relevant to finding solutions to crisis related problems and can make a real contribution to smart/sustainable/inclusive growth.

After the presentations there will be plenty of time for discussion. In addition to any specific points raised from the floor, we are planning to cover three broad themes: rural/urban similarities in CLLD; the impact of the crisis on local territories; and the new EU guidance on CLLD. Commission representatives / senior experts will open the discussion on each of these themes.

A networking event afterwards will allow participants to discuss new LDnet initiatives regarding local development in both rural and urban contexts.

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