EC guidance on CLLD

In February 2013 the Commission presented detailed Guidance on CLLD(external link) (cache) from four DGs of the Commission, addressed mainly to Managing Authorities in the Member States. (See a commentary by Robert Lukesch).

This was followed by the preparation of CLLD guidance for local actors. The draft guidance was discussed at a workshop which took place on 5.7.2013 in Brussels (see an information note by Eileen Humphreys LINK) and a further workshop was held on 7.10.2013 (see Haris Martinos's article on CLLD challenges).

The CLLD Guidance for Local Actors(external link) (cache) was presented to Managing Authorities on 30.4.2014 and was subsequently published on the Commission's website in English after some amendments in response to comments from the representatives of Member States. Translations into all the EU languages are expected by August 2014.

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