The REKORD project received ESF support in order to network the 13 Local Employment Pacts on the West‐Transdanubian (aka West Pannon) region of Hungary.
With a strong entrepreneurial base, the area struggles to maintain and develop its industrial activity and attract white collars to develop clusters.
The social economy is used as a model to boost local services, improve the quality of life of the local community and promote local development. Facilitation schemes are proposed to local stakeholders from various entities (businesses, labour offices, welfare services, municipalities, etc.) in order to foster intercultural issues and develop public‐private partnerships.

AEIDL (February 2011)

AEIDL is contracted by the European Commission in order to provide technical assistance related to the European Social Fund’s Transnational Cooperation and Innovation strands. The views expressed by AEIDL experts remain informal and may not in any circumstance be regarded as the official position of the European Commission.

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