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Does Social Capital Matter for European Regional Growth?(external link) (cache)
This research paper considers the role of different elements of social capital in economic growth for a sample of 85 European regions, relying heavily on statistical analyses, and its findings suggest that trust and social norms have some implications for regional growth.

A new version of the paper Long-term Persistence has been published on the differences in civic capital between the North and the South of Italy
- see Filippo Stati's critical review LINK

The 100th issue of the International Newsletter for Sustainable Local Development has been published in four languages marking 10 years of voluntary commitment to rehabilitating the value of “local” as opposed to “global”. It has been announced that this 100th edition of the newsletter also marks the end of this publication.LINK(external link) (cache)

The Congress of Local Authorities of the Council of Europe issued a new report (March 2013) on Local and Regional Democracy in Spain with special reference to the impact of the financial crisis. LINK(external link) (cache)

The European Commission (DG REGIO) published in February 2013 a GUIDE TO SOCIAL INNOVATION. LINK(external link)

The EC has published a Commission Staff Working Document known as "SOCIAL INVESTMENT PACKAGE" including guidance on the use of EU funds 2014-2020 (SWD(2013) 44 final).

The "CLLD Declaration" is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Polish (LINK(external link)).
Further contributions on CLLD are welcome (blog6). For further information on the proposals of the Commission see LD and the EU funds 2014-2020.

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