LDnet at Open Days


In line with its initiatives on capacity building in the field of CLLD, LDnet organised a debate on 7 October 2014 on Capacity building: what for?, followed by a networking session, as part of OD2014 www.opendays.eu(external link) (cache).


LDnet participated in OD2013 with a workshop on Citizen participation and community-led local development ( LINK(external link) (cache)).

A report on the workshop, including the presentations of the speakers, is now available LINK.


CLLD was a major theme in Open Days 2012. In addition to LDnet’s Community-led local development as a European movement“ there were 14 other workshops on different aspects of CLLD. (See excerpts from the notes of the workshops by Toby Johnson. LINK).

The LDnet workshop was one of the best attended events. (See Summary of the LDnet Workshop)

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