What is LDnet?

Registration and to contact LDnet

LDnet is an informal network set up in 2011 to bring together knowledge and people in local development.

For further information about LDnet contact

  • Haris Martinos: haris_martinos at hotmail.com
  • Peter Ramsden: peterramsden2 at gmail.com

We register as network participants and users of this wiki site people who wish to make a contribution to local development. Please write an email to Peter or Haris explaining who you are and why you wish to register.

LDnet fields of activity

LDnet provides a forum for sharing information and knowledge among experts, researchers and all those active in local development. Its activities cover both the theory and practice of local development. In this way it acts as an independent “think tank” whose work can inform stakeholders and contribute to policy development and implementation, and generally benefit all those involved in local development in Europe and beyond. Opening up the network to a mass membership of practitioners is a long-term ambition.

LDnet at work

Network contributors have the opportunity to work together in open or closed groups to raise the level of debate, research and understanding of local development. The network is mainly be web-based and virtual. An annual event and smaller round-table meetings are also held.

LDnet status and resources

LDnet is an informal network open to all those active in local development. It is supported by the "LEDA Partenariat - Local Development Network Association (LDnet)", a non-profit association registered in France. The costs of the network are covered by the association and by voluntary contributions.

Since the completion of the EU’s LEDA Programme in the mid-1990s, a number of participants in that programme continued their cooperation and networking through the "LEDA Partenariat Association", lately with Rosalba La Grotteria as President. The General Assembly of the association on 9 October 2013 approved the changes to its statute and title, to reflect its priority in supporting LDnet. The statute of the association is attached below in French and English.

General Assembly and Board of LEDA-LDnet Association

The "LEDA Partenariat - Local Development Network Association (LDnet)" is a non-profit association registered in France and governed by its General Assembly and Board.

On 9 October 2013 the General Assembly also elected the board of the association for a 2-year term:

  • President: Eileen Humphreys (*)
  • Vice-President: Urszula Budzich-Tabor (*)
  • Secretary-General: Haris Martinos (*)
  • Treasurer: Jean-Pierre Pellegrin (*)
  • Members: Fernando Barreiro, Maria Joao Rauch, Peter Ramsden, Robert Lukesch, Toby Johnson
  • Honorary President: Rosalba La Grotteria (*)

(* denotes member of the Executive Committee of the Board)

The most recent General Assembly of the association took place on 6 October 2014 in Brussels Annual Report and Minutes of General Assembly 2014

How to become a member of the LEDA-LDnet Association

Anyone who agrees with the objectives of the association (see Statute, attached below) can become a member, by downlowding, signing and sending the Registration Form which is attached below.

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