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E-mail: ubs at farnet.eu

Expert on rural and local development, Leader approach and evaluation. For the last 20 years her responsibilities have involved needs analysis, planning, designing, implementation and evaluation of rural and local development programmes and policies at national and EU level. As one of the founders and member of the board of the Polish Rural Forum (Forum Aktywizacji Obszarów Wiejskich), she has initiated or been involved in most activities related to the preparation and implementation of the Leader approach in Poland. In the period 1991-2009 she was director of the Rural Development Bureau (later Bureau for Local Development and Civil Initiative) at the Cooperation Fund in Poland. She has taken part in policy development and analysis; in 2008-2010 she was member of an expert group discussing ways to introduce local development practices in the European Regional Development Fund (at the initiative of DG Regio). Since 2009 she is Thematic and Territorial Coordinator in FARNET (a European network working with DG Mare to promote local development approach in fisheries areas).”

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