For the conference it will organise on 19-20 February 2014 to celebrate its 25th anniversary, AEIDL is looking for information on "promising initiatives" – innovative projects, actions, approaches, systems, etc. from the "field" - which open positive prospects for the region and the communities.

We thank those who have provided us with proposals in response to our first request in June 2013 (*) and we now wish to identify about 60 additional proposals in order to present 25 initiatives at the conference.

Your selection should be based on the following criteria:

- "Bottom-up”, participative, initiative,

- Promoted or relayed by citizens, groups, associations, NGOs, businesses, professional organisations, public or private institutions …

- With a local dimension (or regional, national or EU if having a local objective/impact) .

- A collective, partnership approach, bearer of democratic values, with a view of the "common good".

- Funded or not by the EU

- Innovative and sustainable,

- With tangible positive results (employment, social inclusion, quality of life, environment, culture ...),

- Reproducible or transferable elsewhere, particularly in Europe, after possibly adapting it to the national, regional or local context.

Themes or sectors are not limited. It can be: social economy, alternative financing, initiatives related to climate change (towns / villages in transition ...), short circuits, circular economy, insertion of specific audiences, actions towards minorities, health, ageing, networks ...
Our concern at the time of selection will be to cover a wide range of topics and ae maximum number of countries, including one or two examples from outside the European Union.

If you know one or more such initiatives, or if you are involved in one of them (we would like to present some initiatives promoted by members of the Team, the board or the General Assembly) we would be very grateful if you could present a short summary (in English or French, and mentioning a contact point/person) and send it, before 10 December 2013, to Jean-Luc Janot (JJA@aeidl.eu).

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