LDnet is an informal network set up in 2011 to bring together knowledge and people in local development.

Registration and to contact LDnet

For further information about LDnet contact

  • Haris Martinos: haris_martinos at hotmail.com
  • Peter Ramsden: peterramsden2 at gmail.com

We register as network participants and users of this wiki site people who wish to make a contribution to local development. Please write an email to Peter or Haris explaining who you are and why you wish to register. If you have problems logging in, contact Peter and he will fix it.

To find out more about LDnet

  • LDnet fields of activity
  • LDnet at work
  • LDnet status and resources
  • Statute, General Assembly and Board of LEDA-LDnet Association

and how to become a member of the LEDA-LDnet Association click here.

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