Writing your first LDnet page

So you have registered and signed in. You are good to go. Now start a page, any page (you can delete it later)

Do this by giving your page a title in the search box and click edit. If your page already exists with this title a load of text will come up. Don't edit an existing page unless you really want to. Even here, anything you change can be changed back.

If it asks you what language you want to work in, you have created a new page. Click English (unless you want French, Spanish, German etc). An empty editing box will now appear with some icons across the top for bold, italic, underlining and striking through.

All you have to do is write (or copy and paste an existing block of text from word if you prefer.

Format however you want

Then save and give it some categories (these help it to be found later by you and by others.

To go back in just use the same title in the search box and edit

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